• Our Volunteers

  • The Gordonville Fire Department was organized in the mid 1970s to provide fire protection to the village of Gordonville and the surrounding areas. Since then, the once village fire department has became a fire district expanding its services to cover a seventy seven square mile area which includes the towns of Gordonville, Dutchtown, and Tilsit.

    The Gordonville Fire Protection District (GFPD) responds not only to fire related emergencies, but also provides emergency medical services.

  • Since 1973, the Gordonville Fire Protection District has provided the highest value fire-rescue service to our property and home owners through the generous volunteer firefighters. Our all volunteer organization is composed of members from many of the surrounding areas and they are trained in both firefighting and emergency services medical.

    Being a volunteer firefighter with the Gordonville Fire Protection District is a truly rewarding experience. Not only are you dedicating your time to those in need, but the relationships you will build with the other members and families will last you a lifetime.

    • Give back to the community in a most unique way

    • Excitement your day job doesn’t offer

    • Help neighbors and strangers alike in their time of need

    • Sense of pride from being part of an elite team

    • Organized social events for volunteers and their families

    • Leadership and management opportunities

    • Learn new skills and make close friends

    • Start in a highly respected and important profession