• Fire Escape Plans

  • In the event of a home fire, every second counts and it is important that your family has a home fire escape plan.

    • Make a fire escape plan. Draw a map of each level of your home showing all doors and windows. Discuss the map with everyone who lives with you.
    • Plan two ways out of every room. Choose an outside meeting place in front of your home.
    • Make a fire escape plan around your abilities. If you need to use a wheelchair or a cane, make sure you can get to it easily and get out quickly. If you wear hearing aids or eyeglasses, put them next to your bed while you are sleeping.
    • Make sure all doors and windows open easily.
    • Practice your fire escape plan by having a home fire drill at least twice a year with everyone in the home.
    • If there is a fire in your home, get out and stay out. Never go back inside for people, pets or things.
  • Escape planning grid
    Use this grid to make your family's home fire escape plan. Show all doors and windows, and mark two ways out of every room.

  • Home escape plan safety tips
    If a fire breaks out in your home, you may have only a few minutes to get out safely. Everyone needs to know what to do and where to go if there is a fire.