• Fire Extinguisher Training

  • A fire extinguisher is an absolute necessity in any home or office. While there’s a good chance that the extinguisher will never be used to fight a fire; it could end up saving your property and even your life.But knowing how to use a Fire Extinguisher is just as important as owning one.

  • Fire is very dangerous and unpredictable; however, increased awareness with proper training will help provide the knowledge required to make the safest decision for evacuation or suppression during a fire incident. 

    Fire extinguishers are a vital safety tool. Skill development with proper use may save your business or home from the disastrous effects of a fire. To schedule a fire extinguisher training class for your business or organization click here to schedule a course and one of our officers will contact you. You may also call to schedule a course by calling 573.204.9100