• Pre-Plan Assessment

  • Pre-Fire Incident Planning is not an inspection but rather an opportunity for the Gordonville Fire Protection District and its personnel to learn more about your company or organization. Again these are are not Inspections and are strictly used by fire suppression crews in case of a fire emergency.

  • Some of the information gathered during pre-planning visits include, but are not limited to: your company or organization contact information, building construction type, occupancy type, location of all entrances and exits, presence of alarm systems and sprinkler systems, breaker box locations, and utility shut-offs.

    If you business has no objection we will take pictures and also sketch a floor-plan of the business.

    While conducting pre-plans of local business's, the fire department personnel will also fill out a hazard assessment survey which will assist fire suppression crews in the future by giving them the knowledge to fight the fire more efficiently.  Again, this is not an inspection, but a survey of the business or organization used in training of our personnel and during fire suppression operations.

    Not only can pre-plans be extremely helpful to fire personnel in an emergency situation, but also gives you the opportunity to meet our personnel and get to now us as well.  Prep-plans also help with lowering the areas ISO ratings.

    Once a year we attempt to contact the local businesses in our area to schedule pre-planning assessments however you may schedule a pre-plan at any time by clicking here, or by calling us at 573.204.9100