• Emergency Response

    Our organization provides fire suppression, advanced life support (ALS) emergency medical services, along with rescue and extrication.

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    We serve our community in all aspects of firefighting and emergency medical services. Applications are accepted all year round.

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  • We are committed to broaden our skills and abilities to serve and protect our communities

    Proudly serving our community since 1973.


    In 2023 the Gordonville Fire Protection District's Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating improved to a 6.

    What is an ISO fire rating?

    An ISO fire rating is a score provided to fire departments and insurance companies by the Insurance Services Office. The score reflects how prepared a community and area is for fires. While it mainly focuses on the local fire departments and water supply, there are other factors that contribute to an area’s score.

    An ISO score has the power to affect the insurance premium of every homeowner in the area and can even cause an insurer to deny you coverage in some circumstances.

    For further information concerning ISO Rating and how the can impact our home owners insurance reference the following link. https://www.bankrate.com/insurance/homeowners-insurance/iso-fire-ratings/

  • Community Outreach Programs

    Education is the key to preventing fires, saving lives and property. The Gordonville Fire Protection District offers a variety of fire and safety outreach programs for everyone.

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  • Fire Prevention & Safety

    We can all help make the world a safer place by learning more about being safe from wearing a helmet while riding a bike to preventing fires in our homes or businesses.

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